Safeguarding at St. Mary's 

We take safeguarding serioiusly. Our church is a safe place for children, for the elderly, for the distressed. We don't simply do the bare minimum to comply with the law in this regard, we seek to go further. Christians are called to be beyond reproach, and this is our aim. 

Safeguarding covers all those who would be classed as 'vulnerable' or more prone to abuse. This usually means children and particularly vulnerable adults, but at various times in life all kinds of people can become vulnerable. At St. Mary's all our children's workers are DBS checked (Disclosure and Barring Service), as are all our PCC members, all staff (including the vicar and youth worker) and everyone who takes a lead in looking after the elderly or otherwise vulnerable. We operate policies that seek to make sure everyone feels safe and is safe. 

If there is a safeguarding concern, people are directed to contact our safeguarding officer Sally Jarvis on 07955 125035

If the concern is regarding the safeguarding officer, they are encouraged to contact the diocese of Derby directly, who will then advise on the best way forward. Derby Diocese Safeguarding