During the current crisis, St. Mary’s is suspending normal public worship in the building- but we are doing a number of things to make sure that we keep encouraging each other in love and faith, maintaining our worship, our learning, and our fellowship together. 


There is a WhatsApp group for St. Mary’s notices and prayers. If you would like to be included in this group, simply download WhatsApp to your phone or computer, and let Jason know your mobile number.


There is a Facebook group for St. Mary’s- just search for St. Mary’s Chaddesden- information will come up on there too. 


We will live stream the morning service to YouTube – search for Chaddesden Church, Derby, to find us. Each service will be left on there. We will also make the audio for the sermon available as usual on the website. 


We will also have a Google-meet prayer meeting each Sunday evening for about 15 minutes to pray for the current situation. Google-meet allows us to video conference up to 100 people all at once, just using a normal computer and a web-browser. If you want to join in with the prayer meeting, e-mail jason your e-mail address, and you’ll get an invite for the 6:30 prayer meeting. Just because you send the e-mail, doesn’t mean you have to join in with each one, all that will happen is that Jason will send you the invite each time to join if you want to. 


Each person in our electoral roll will also be assigned to a small group leader- even the ones who aren’t in small groups! And the small group leaders, along with the vicar and wardens and youth minister are going to make sure that everyone is regularly phoned up, prayed with, prayed for, and where possible, we will visit too. If you aren’t on the electoral roll, please phone Jason and let him have your contact details, just while this epidemic is going, and he will make sure you are included and looked after. 


There are plans to make church as much a fellowship as possible even when we isolate, and more will come out in due course. Keep an eye on this page. 

Thanks, God bless you, protect you.